Perfect Posture – simply stops you slouching!

homepage_product_image2The Perfect Posture back support brace is manufactured in the UK using the finest orthopaedic materials.

Made from Air X, a skin friendly fabric that is soft, flexible, lightweight and supportive.

It’s comfortable, practical and easy to wear to prevent slouching and help with postural awareness.

Ideal to wear at work , saves a huge amount of shoulder pain at the computer!

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According to the Department of Health there are 27 million people in the United Kingdom who are affected by back pain during the course of a year. It is the country’s biggest cause of absence from work, with 119 million days lost annually, costing industry £5.5 billion a year. 

Do you feel crippled by poor posture after spending hours at your computer or desk? More than 50 per cent of office workers who use a computer every day complain of neck pain and one third of workers say both upper and lower back pain is also a problem.

Wearing the Unisex Perfect Posture back support can help:

  • Prevent slouching
  • Ease back the shoulders
  • Open the chest for improved breathing efficiency
  • Alleviate neck & shoulder pain
  • Encourage you to sit, stand & walk tall

Isn’t time you addressed your posture?