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iStock_000005419312_ExtraSmallForget all the anti ageing creams, if you want to instantly take years off your appearance and look more youthful then the simple answer is to improve your posture!

Having a GOOD posture makes you LOOK and FEEL:

  • Healthier
  • Youthful
  • Confident
  • Taller
  • Slimmer

Poor posture and back pain in some women can be caused by having large breasts.
Wearing a supportive, well fitted bra is important for every woman, but even more so if you have larger breasts. However sometimes your bra may not be enough, so wearing a posture brace may be the answer to alleviating neck, shoulder and upper back pain caused by large breasts.

The Perfect Posture support has helped many women with this problem.
It helps to ease the strain in the upper back and give more support to the back which a normal bra won’t do.
It also gives a subtle lift to the bust therefore enhancing your appearance.

The more rounded the shoulders the more the breasts may sag however by simply improving your posture and standing tall you can improve the sag in your breasts by nearly 50%  at any age!
(Reference International Chiropractic Association)

Wearing the Perfect Posture support can help with improving posture and the appearance of your bust by:

  • Preventing slouching
  • Easing back the shoulders
  • Open the chest
  • Alleviate neck & shoulder pain

From the age of 40 we lose about 1/2″ (1.2cm) in height every ten years!
Some of this loss is due to bone shrinkage or osteoporosis but as much as 70% could be due to bad posture, ladies it’s time to stop slouching and improve your posture now!

Remember high heel shoes may make your legs look longer and slimmer but wearing them constantly is bad for your posture, they will shorten your calf muscles and throw you off balance, so make sure you have “flat shoe” days a few times a week.

Lastly, even your handbag could be affecting your posture!
We all carry far too much in our handbags and carrying a heavy bag on the same shoulder will make you look lopsided and cause neck and shoulder pain.
Keep bags light and carry in your hands.
Rucksacks are great for balancing weight evenly across your back.

And it’s never too late to start, you can make improvements at any age!

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