Golf & Posture

Driving ShotGood Posture is vital in any sport, but it is essential in golf.

A good golfer should stand with a balanced, athletic posture to create a powerful swing; however working on improving posture is one of the most neglected aspects of golf.

Every club golfer can improve their stance and consequently their swing, but few spend time on addressing their posture.

Improving your posture and learning to stand well to the ball greatly improves your chance of making a good swing.

The most important fundamental of a good swing is a good turn of the shoulders, and to turn the shoulders well you have to have a straight spine.

Look at the stance and posture of a pro and it is clearly visible how straight the spine is, but if you study a club golfer often their shoulders are slumped and the top of the spine is bent forward as they stare down at the ball.

Looking down at the ball with the head rather than with the eyes, is the most damaging fault a golfer can have at stance and the most common cause of poor posture.

Whilst there are many aspects of good posture a straight spine is the most important.

Wearing a posture support can help improve your posture and ultimately improve your golf!

A posture brace can help to keep the spine straight and keep the shoulders back to prevent the slouching posture that can interfere with your swing.
The posture support is lightweight and comfortable to wear whilst playing golf. It is made from a breathable, skin friendly material which can be worn discreetly under clothing.

Improving your posture will ultimately lead to stronger swings and consequently more accurate shots and great golf!