Running & Posture

Man Running in DowntownRunning efficiently and pain free has a lot to do with your posture.

Every runner has his or her own style, but it is important to have a good running posture and technique to minimise the risk of injury and improve running efficiency.

The most important concept is to RUN TALL!

Keep a good upright posture when running and stay relaxed.

Your body should be straight, with your chest up and open allowing space for maximum breathing efficiency.

Don’t lean forwards, backwards or slouch as this will affect your technique and possibly lead to lower back pain.

Keep your head up and eyes gazing naturally at the horizon don’t run with your head down.

Your shoulders should be back and level, do not round the shoulders or swing them forwards or backwards.

Wearing a posture support or brace can prevent a slouching posture and stabilise the shoulders helping to keep them relaxed during running.

The Perfect Posture support is lightweight and comfortable to wear whilst running. It is made from a breathable, skin friendly material which will not cause any additional sweating.

Wearing the back brace will help keep the shoulders back thus opening the chest for improved breathing efficiency whilst running.

A posture brace will help improve your posture helping you achieve the perfect, upright posture to keep you running TALL!

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