Perfect Posture Support

Perfect Posture Support

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made in the UK

UNISEX back support brace made from AIR X, a skin friendly fabric


  • – Keeps the skin cool
  • – Comfortable to wear under clothing
  • – Made from the finest orthopaedic materials
  • – Can be worn discreetly under everyday clothing
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Product Description

unionJackThis product is made from the finest orthopaedic materials and is manufactured in the UK


Perfect Posture is a UNISEX back support brace made from AIR X, a skin friendly fabric that is soft, flexible, lightweight, and supportive.jpeg

This fine quality material is comfortable to wear under clothing and keeps the skin cool.

The back support brace is a simple design that is both practical and easy to wear.

It is fastened and adjusted with easy-to-use Velcro straps.

Two straps fasten comfortably around the chest and the two shoulder straps are adjusted to increase or decrease the tension and support in the shoulders as desired.

It should be tight enough to gently bring back the shoulders without restricting movement, yet preventing a slouched position.

The back panel has orthopaedic supports concealed within the fabric giving you added support in the upper back and shoulders.

Wearing the back support brace over a T shirt with a sleeve for the first few times will help to soften the straps before wearing it next to the skin.

The posture support can be worn discreetly under everyday clothing allowing you to wear it wherever you want!

Available in Black and White and in two sizes, please see the information about sizing and measurements..

Wash Instructions

Hand wash only, cool water. Drip dry, no spinning or tumble drying.



Before ordering please check your measurements.

When measuring, men should measure directly across the chest/nipple line whilst ladies should measure underneath the bust/top of the rib cage, which is the narrowest point.

The product is unisex but sizes are shown for men and women .

The product is sized as follows:


Size Small UK8
Chest 28” - 31” / 72cm - 80cm

Size Medium UK10 – UK 14
Chest 32″ – 38″ / 82cm – 97cm

Size Large UK16+
Chest 39” – 44” / 98cm – 112cm


Size Small. Chest 28" - 31” / 72cm - 80cm

Size Medium. Chest 32″ – 38″ / 82cm – 97cm

Size Large Chest. 39” – 44” / 98cm – 112cm

When you try the posture support for the first time we strongly advise you to try on the posture support over an item of clothing with a sleeve, so that the support is kept clean and doesn’t touch the skin. This is particularly important if you need to return the item for a refund.